2005 Rally


Dear IBOG members, Bridgestone enthusiasts, BS Registry members and friends,

The 2004 Bridgestone Rally seemed to be a huge success last year and several members liked the idea of having it here again for 2005. My wife and I were honored by having our Bridgestone family come to our home and share their time with us. We would be honored once again for the Rally to be held here on July 29th, 30th and 31st; this is a 3 day event ( Fri, Sat, and Sun). I know that many of you cannot make all 3 days because of work and other engagements, we understand! We are planning a three day event because we simply could not get everything done that was planned last year for lack of time! THIS IS A FAMILY EVENT, please bring your family, there will be lots to do for the Kiddos' as well. We had horseshoes set up last year and didn't get a chance to use them! Parents are welcome to bring 4 wheelers' or motorcycles for the kids to ride on a 20 acre field. Corey and Sheila Moore's two boys ( Jud and Will ) rode their new motorcycles all day long, not to mention there were a few SRs' that made a trip or two in the field!

Our Rally starts Friday AM with everyone coming in and getting settled -- just drop your bikes and trailers at the Rally site. We will meet and talk, look at classic muscle cars (about 25) and several classic bikes, and talk BS, (like men do). Friday evening is for adult relaxation from the trip here and is the time for us and the kids to enjoy a Bon fire and wiener and marshmallow roast. Saturday AM, bikes are lined up for judging by popular vote, everyone votes! The women can go shopping if they desire, a huge mall just a few miles down (just ask Sheila or Carolyn for directions). Men can throw horseshoes, enjoy reminiscing the past, and simply enjoy one another's company. THERE WILL BE PLENTY TO EAT AND PLENTY OF REFRESHMENTS SERVED. Saturday evening events will culminate with an old fashion hayride, no, Larry Young can't have the flashlight this year. He ran the batteries down looking for frogs in the pond and everything else he saw! I'm not really so sure that Nick and Carolyn weren't "necking" on that ride, but anyway I think we all had a great time. Last year, several of us sat around and talked until after midnight! It just does my heart good for friends to get together and share their time with each other even if it is once a year. Sunday is open for everyone to sleep in, or come out to the Rally site early. Remember, for anyone who has the desire, the corvette museum is open on Sundays and is very interesting to see for those of you who have the time.

Please don't be confused or misled, THIS IS BRIDGESTONE RALLY, you may want to coordinate your vacations along with this event, we want it to be an enjoyable event for the entire family! Bridgestone Motorcycles and the passion for them are the focal point of this event, and we can have fun while doing it! As in the past, bring many of your motorcycles, the more bikes the better and they will be judged and plaques will be awarded. THERE IS NO ADMISSION CHARGE FOR THIS EVENT, EVERYONE IS WELCOME, COME ONE COME ALL! Bowling Green has an abundance of motels and restaurants just minutes from the Rally site. For anyone who wants to phone ahead for Rally reservations, here are the motel telephone numbers starting at the closest first. These are nice clean motels, located at the exit to the Rally (Exit # 28) Country Hearth Inn, (270)783-4443, (directly in front of the Corvette Museum, and Continental Inn (270)781-5200, (next to Jerry's restaurant). Exit #22 is 5 miles South of the Rally exit and has many more motels to choose from, all located just off the interstate. They are as follows:

Drury Inn..............................(270) 842-7100
Hampton Inn.........................(270) 842-4100
Baymont Inns........................( " ) 843-3200
Motel 6.................................( " ) 843-0140
Super 8 Motel.......................( " ) 781-9594
Executive Inn........................( " ) 781-6610
Fairfield Inn by Marriott........( " ) 782-6933
Microtel Inn..........................( " ) 745-9922
Econolodge ..........................( " ) 842-6730.....1-800-553-2666
Ramada Inn w/Bar & Grill.....( " ) 781-3000
Home-Town Suites................( " ) 846-3311
For any of you that want to camp, you are welcome to set up at the site.

Please help us to make this 2005 Rally a success, as we need your continued support for an almost forgotten and dying breed of motorcycles. At one time in our lives, these motorcycles played a part in our lives that we will always remember. As for me, all of you that have continued to take your time to make the Rally's in the previous years, you are like a family of close friends that I really enjoy seeing again, even if it is just once a year. As always, we hope to see new faces that can make the Rally and share with us their memories of the Bridgestone motorcycles. As of yet, I do not have any swap meet vendors signed up but anyone interested in bringing any parts or bikes for sale, certainly do so, there is NO VENDING SETUP CHARGE and there is adequate room. Please call me with any questions or concerns, my telephone numbers are (270) 784-4232 or (270) 796-8551. It is early enough that hopefully we can find the time to restore those old Bridgestone's that we have had in storage for so long and get them here to the Rally. I will be sending out letters to many of you that I don't have email addresses. As the Rally date draws closer, I will call as many of you as I can that I have your telephone numbers, but please make every effort to attend! Thank You.

Phil Wheeler