BS #818

13 May 2011 -- Yes, this is Bridgestone’s December 22, 1968 100 cc 1st Place Novice #818 Jim Clancy.  He has been racing Vintage Moto cross since July 2008.  At 59, he purchased an ‘81 Maico 250 Mega 2 and it has been nothing but gotta go faster.  We now have (3) ‘81 Maicos, (2) 490 Megas and (1) 250 Mega.  Depending which track he races on determines which one he will ride.  Now #890 and 62 years of age, he still tears up the track.  Racing with the AVDRA and CALVMX, he has torn up tracks all over California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.  Much like modern day Ricky Bobby attitude, “If you’re not first, you’re last”, is his motto.

The man is a hellion on two wheels.  He is competing in road races and triathlons on his Wilier Izoard bicycle with the same attitude.  He just isn’t happy if he isn’t out front...

Let me tell you, I am not complaining, the man is going to be 62 Monday...  There aren’t many 30 year olds with his body and determination.  I also know where he is at when not in sight...  Clancy is in the garage working on the Maico, out pedalling hard on his Wiler, jogging, or working out, the rest of the time he is mine.

Just thought I would let you know, Bridgestone’s #818 from 1968 is at it again, and having a blast doing so...

#890’s biggest fan
His loving wife,