My story begins when I was 14 and had a paper route. I had been throwing papers for about 4 years and my dad thought that I should have a cycle to help. My mother, needless to say, was against it. We looked at a few places that sold cycles back then (in 1967; not many in Oklahoma City). We even put my name on a Montgomery Ward cycle that was built in Italy but I backed out (it didn't look good). One night my dad asked me to get some things out of his car that he had from an overnight trip. I went out and opened the door to the '65 Ford Galaxy and there in the back seat was a Bridgestone 90! He had bought it in the small town of Alva, Oklahoma. I couldn't believe how great it looked and my mom couldn't believe it period! I had never heard of the name before but it sure ran and looked good. After getting a helmet I soon put it to work delivering papers in the early morning hours. It was quiet enough that I never had a complaint about the noise from any of my customers. In high school it looked different than the Hondas and Yamahas of the same size but it was quick and out ran most of them except for the Yamaha Twin-Jet 100s. I eventually put about 20,000 miles on it and even proposed to my wife on it (another story)! Eventually I traded for a 1957 Chevy pickup that needed work and never saw it again. It was truly a special and unique cycle.

Dave Sargent
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma